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My ohh so complicated love story with Okra began the moment I was allowed solid food as a child. My mom put it around 5 months old which I highly doubt because children are clearly not allowed anything but milk at this age but again whomever had the privileges to be raised in an African household can easily dispute it. My grandma was convinced that all the rules about children nutrition were the scam of the century and were not to be followed...That is clearly a story for another post. 

Rumor has it, I was a picker eater as child and could go days with nothing but fruits and cheese, how royal of me right? I heard stories of my mom doing hospital rounds because she was concerned about her precious child not eating, the same mom that will send me to bed for having wasted the food on my plate a couple of years down the line...can someone say confused?

My grandma was actually the one to introduce me to Okra during one of her countless baby-sitting session. One evening, my mom had decided to take a break from my shenanigans and have a romantic evening with her husband. That lady disregraded everything my mom told her prior to her departure and decided to feed me what  she having that evening. Yes, you guessed it right...some spicy smoked fish and egussi filled Okra with fufu made with cassava flour! Apparently, I was old enough ( 1 year ) to indulge into such delicacy and should deem myself privileged to doing so ( grandma's words not mine when asked for the reasons behind her choice ).

Needless to say that hunger had had the best of me by the time I quietly climbed on grandma' laps after realizing that she would not be moved by my tears. She then dried them and started feeding me what I then called "oooko". At her surprise, I was actually enjoying it which could be proven by my failed attempt  at feeding myself thus the beginning of my Okra love story.

What is your favorite Okra recipe?