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We are very happy to announce that our very first guest in this section is Cameroon’s own Michelle Ngome. Cameroonian American and Connection strategist located in Houston, TX, Michelle is the founder of Line 25 consulting, a marketing firm which focuses on content and social media marketing. In order to help create more meaningful connections between different influencers, Michelle wrote multiple books such as the highly acclaimed Success redefined and also hosts a weekly podcast, Networking with Michelle, during which she interviews leaders of different fields on a myriad of topics

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We had the pleasure of talking to Michelle, and we must say that she is as genuine as they come. We discussed her journey to entrepreneurship and the reasons behind her drive being her hunger for excellence and love for her family. When asked about her legacy, she said: "I would like to be remembered as an advocate, a woman advocate about entrepreneurship". Also very dear to her heart are conversations that are not easily talked about in the African American community, such as the stigmatization of certain health related issues and the path in eradicating them.

Success is about happiness, gratitude and being mindful of people because you never know when you are entertaining angels
If I could solve world hunger with a meal it would be Fufu and Eru
The most African thing about me is my name
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