Day 1: Lagos Fashion Week Street Style & Impressions

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Sponsored by Heineken and produced by StyleHouseFiles, Lagos fashion Week 2018 officially started on October 24th with a Fashion Business Series Dinner titled “The Gathering” with participants in the likes of Nigerian fashion prominent figures such as Tamu Mcpherson, Trevor Stuurman and Daniel Hatton on “The role of Platforms in Fashion’s value chain”.

The best we believe was the kick off of the shows and the amazing street styles we had the opportunity to capture the following day. From leather, prints, stripes to colorful outfits, the attendees surely gave us a run for our money and we just could not keep them to ourselves.

Let us open the festivities with the picture we decide to call “Stripes Heaven” picturing King Nonso Duke, Ijaware Tobiloba, and Radoutfittersofficial. Not only do they achieve perfect colors blend between them but also added a personal twist to each outfit with the sneakers, headbands and scarfs. A+! ( Above Picture ).

Photo 25-10-2018, 7 46 26 PM.jpg

Loving this over the knee ruffle dress and white sandals by Leyi Ush. She gave us just enough to spike our imagination and we could not stop staring at!

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Dénola Grey Came, Slayed and Conquered the streets of Lagos! Pairing the grey suit with all the unexpected yet oh so avant-garde accessories was a win in our book!

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Stledbyfg bright suit ensemble did not disappoint. The Burgundy bustier and hair worn down added a dose of sexiness made for fashion shows.

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Prints Madness with The Flatlay King! The black and white design was surely as classy as his pose and added a certain “je ne sais quoi to the decor”— We Approve!

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Gorgeous model Eki Ogunbor opted for warm colors in a green ensemble and orange turban paired with a lighter orange shade of sandals. Now, that is STYLE!

Photo 25-10-2018, 6 56 36 PM.jpg

This belted number by Providence Ozichukwu was a conversation starter! Pairing the lengthy brown coat with sandals soften the whole look while keeping the focus on the upper body.

Photo 25-10-2018, 6 30 35 PM.jpg
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Which look is your favorite?

Pictures by Halimah Sucre