So…Who Are We?

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Hello guys, welcome to The African Blueprint!

My name is Dominique and I am work in progress in every area of my life (can someone send help)? I have been told to have a shoes addiction and a rather distinct accent…Go figure! Since I spend most of my days talking to myself, I decided to create this platform to boost my self esteem ( let the judgment day begin.. ) and most importantly provide an outlet for Africans worldwide to connect.

Our aim is to break down the walls of separation and solitude that so easily go up, especially in the online world where the grass is always greener. I also realized that through coming together and sharing our honest stories – no armor, pretense or shiny-glossy-curation – we learn and grow stronger as a community thus creating a genuine platform where we are able to freely unload, exchange on diverse topics while making lasting connections.

Alright, enough said!

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